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Sustaining Membership - Diary Donation

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Sustaining Membership + FREE Desk Diary

Become a Sustaining Member and get the Heritage Desk Diary for FREE

Product Description

When you become a Sustaining Member of the Mesorah Heritage Foundation - you will be entitiled to a free copy of the Mesorah Heritage Foundation's Desk Diary.

This The Heritage Desk Diary covers the calendar from September 2017 through December 2018, a sixteen-month period that includes both the entire Jewish year 5778 and the entire secular year 2016. Dates are given according to both the secular and Jewish calendars; and the red-letter days of each calendar are noted. The diary will prove an indispensable tool for anyone who must keep track of appointments or a log of daily accomplishments. Students and teachers can use it for the 2017/2018 school year; rabbis and synagogue officials will find it handy for the year 5778; and business people and professionals can schedule sixteen months of appointments, conferences and deadlines.

The chart of Jewish holidays 2015-2023 (pp. 22-23) will help schools, government agencies, businesses and organizations plan tests and seasonal events in a way that will avoid scheduling conflicts for Jewish students, clients or members.

Prayers (such as penitential selichos, or relevant psalms) recited on special occasions are listed, along with other information about the daily prayer services, in the margin of the day on which they are recited.

Candle-lighting times for the Sabbath and Festivals are given — for New York City, on the calendar page; for 60 American and 54 foreign cities, at the end of the planner. For the second night of a Festival, the candles should not be lit before 45 minutes after sunset (later, in the far northern latitudes; some wait until 72 minutes after sunset in any case). However, if the Festival falls on a Friday, the Sabbath candles should be lit 18 minutes before sunset.

Each day's notes include three popular daily Torah study programs:
a) Daf Yomi (page-of-the-day) completes the Talmud in seven and a half years. During the period covered by this diary, the following tractates of the Talmud will be completed: Nazir (14 Cheshvan/Oct. 27, 2015); Sotah (2 Teves/Dec.14, 2015); Gittin (2 Adar 2/March 12, 2016); Kiddushin (24 Iyar/June 1 2016); and Bava Kamma (24 Elul/Sept. 27, 2016). Each tractate (volume) is available in The Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud, in both the English and the Hebrew editions.

b) Mishnah Yomis (Mishnah-of-the-day) studies two mishnayos each day and completes the entire Mishnah in about five and a half years. Each volume of Mishnayos is available in The Artscroll Mishnah Series with Yad Avraham commentary, in both regular size and pocket size editions.

c) Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Yomis completes the Kitzur once each year. The course of study includes the laws specific to each festival before it arrives. It is based on the Jewish calendar; may be started on any day; and will begin anew on that same day every year. The entire Kleinman Edition of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch is available in both regular size and pocket size editions.

Select readings appear at the beginning and end of each week in this Diary:
(a) a Talmudic aphorism, culled from The Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud; (b) pertinent laws or inspirational excerpt, culled from Living Emunah; Milstein edition of the Later Prophets; Kleinman Edition of Midrash Rabbah; Jaffa Edition of Mesilas Yesharim; as well as from various other ArtScroll volumes.

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